This form is intended to help us answer all of the critical questions needed in order to quickly and effectively provide you with the contacts you need. Please be as specific as you can! We have conducted hundreds of contact identification research projects, but each is unique and completely customized to your needs and situation -- so we need your help “spelling things out” as clearly as possible so that we get you what you need…and nothing that you don’t!


  1. You complete and sign this Contact Identification Project Requirements Form.
  2. You provide any contact or account exclusion list(s).
  3. Bridgemark will generate a list of companies for you to review, based on this form.
  4. Bridgemark will then provide a sample list of contacts for you to review, and provide any recommendations to ensure a successful project.
  5. You will give BlueEmber approval to move forward with the full project.
  6. BlueEmber will complete and deliver the project to you.  
  7. BlueEmber will send you an invoice for the final project (please note that the actual dollar amount can’t be determined until the conclusion of the project because it’s not possible to know how many contacts will be identified during the project research until it has been completed).

General Project Questions

Target Companies

If you are supplying the company list…

Target Titles

What are the keywords of your optimal or “perfect” target titles? Please be sure to list any and all relevant variations, as each will be searched separately, and we will use your input exactly as you provide it.

If we cannot reach the desired quantity of contacts in each company using the hierarchical levels listed above, shall we move to other levels to make up the difference?

We may need to regroup with you after we review your feedback for further clarification and to make any recommendations.  

Thank you!

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