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The proven, professional, proactive approach


BlueEmber Marketing is a marketing agency that provides full-service lead generation and custom-built prospect databases to business-to-business professional services firms with highly-niched audiences. We are experts in supporting companies with very specific and often hard-to-reach target markets, having worked with consulting firms, research agencies, advertising agencies, public relations firms, financial services providers, and many, many others.

We are staunch believers that lead generation is a process, and that process is made up of a series of sub-processes...all of which need to be managed by specialists of those sub-processes and overseen by experienced account managers and leaders. 

Since our founding in 2009 we have generated leads in a wide range of niche industries including Consumer Goods, Health Care (including pharmaceutical, biotech, and med device), Financial Services, Automotive & Transportation, Retailers, Restaurants, Manufacturers, and Technology & Telecommunications companies, to name a few. We're proud to make the claim that we have generated a lead for our clients with essentially every major company and brand you can name.

Why Trust Your Work to BlueEmber?


Specialized Expertise

BlueEmber Marketing leverages our senior team's deep collective experience. We understand the unique needs of firms who need to promote their high-consideration B2B products and services, and the nuances of long and complex buying cycles. As opposed to inbound programs where you have no control over who comes to you, our professional, proactive, outbound process carefully targets your optimal prospects, ensuring the leads we generate are with the exact types of companies and target titles you need.



At the core of our business is a commitment to human-to-human, honest, polite, professional, proactive outreach. Anyone who has worked the B2B sales and marketing industry knows that we work with some of the brightest, most educated people in the business world, and they expect and deserve to be approached in a professional manner that is respectful of them and their time. As an integral member of your marketing team, we believe it's critical that we represent you in the same way you would represent yourself.


Better  |  Faster  |  Lower Cost

BlueEmber's services have been carefully designed to be better in quality, faster to launch, and lower in cost than an in-house solution. Leveraging decades of experience, an array of best practices, and historical data - we can become your true lead generation and list development partner, and someone on whom you can rely for years to come. We utilize a team approach, one that breaks the larger lead generation process down into smaller mini-processes, allowing for deeper expertise in each process and, of course, scalability.


BlueEmber understands the unique challenges sales and marketing professionals face today.

Our clients realize - or quickly come to realize - that it’s a much better use of their time and resources to focus on new business presentations, proposal development, proposal follow-up, closing sales, and managing their clients than spending time identifying contacts, reaching out, following up, etc. to generate new sales leads. In almost every case, it’s significantly more effective to segment the lead generation role from the “sales” role to ensure that the lead generation role gets done correctly…and consistently.


Seamless Support

BlueEmber Marketing operates using a client-supplied email address, allowing us to present ourselves as a fully-embedded member of your team while we approach your prospects. When leads are generated, we send out calendar meeting invites to you and your new prospect, locking in the date and time of the lead/ presentation. Before the lead we provide you with a briefing document, and after the lead we're there to assist with post-lead support. 


Regular Communication

From campaign launch to ongoing campaign main- tenance, you’ll always work with senior leaders who have decades of experience to help guide the strategy. In addition to live update meetings, you’ll be provided with regular reports to keep you fully updated on the leads we’ve generated, responses we’re receiving from your prospects, and other important information.


More Flexibility

While staying true to our core, proven processes, all lead generation campaigns are customized to your specific needs. While our core processes and best practices remain consistent from campaign to campaign, we can pursue any target prospect titles in any companies you’re interested in, and we can make any changes or adjustments to the campaign parameters quickly and easily.


Work Guarantee

While it can’t be known exactly how many leads will be generated prior to the launch of a campaign, our work guarantee assures you that we will always conduct a specific amount of outbound work towards your target prospects in your target accounts, and we can adjust this amount of effort depending on your needs.

Consistent Marketing = Consistent Results

BlueEmber's “always-on” approach gives you the peace of mind that your lead generation efforts are being handled professionally...and consistently.

Lead generation must be a consistent process, not one that is turned off and on based on the sales or revenue cycle. Our approach is carefully thought through at the time of launch, professionally implemented, and consistently administered...leading to consistent results.

For more detailed information about how BlueEmber Marketing can help significantly increase your new business sales results, call us at 585-312-3088, or contact us through our website’s secure contact page.

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