Optimized for value and scale, BlueEmber ignites sales growth. 


Email Marketing Strategists and Implementers - for B2B Firms with Niche Audiences.


The proven, professional, proactive approach


BlueEmber Marketing helps companies drive direct sales, capabilities presentations, awareness, and corporate recruitment via highly-targeted (and often micro-targeted) email campaigns.  We're experts in helping business-to-business companies contact their best prospects in very specific - and often hard-to-reach - target markets.  Over the last 11 years, we have successfully supported a range of clients including consulting firms, research firms, advertising agencies, CRO's, public relations firms, financial services providers, IT providers, and others.

Our leadership team is comprised of veterans from public and private sector companies with senior corporate and entrepreneurial experience.  We know that the sales process must begin with a well-designed strategy that targets your optimal prospect companies, and the buyers and users of your service.  There is no shortcut or automated way to make this happen - it requires the hard work of experienced marketers who understand your needs and the nuances of effective email marketing campaigns.  


Why BlueEmber?


Specialized Expertise

BlueEmber Marketing leverages our senior team's deep collective marketing experience. We understand the unique needs of firms who need to promote their B2B services and the nuances of often long and complex buying cycles. As opposed to inbound programs where you have no control over who comes to you, our professional, proactive, outbound email-based process carefully targets your optimal prospects, ensuring the prospect discussions your team has are with the exact types of companies and target titles you need.



At the core of our business is a commitment to human-to-human, honest, polite, professional, proactive email outreach. Anyone who has worked in the B2B services industry knows that we work with some of the brightest, most educated people in the business world, and they expect and deserve to be approached in a professional manner that is respectful of them and their time. As an integral member of your marketing team, we believe it's critical that we represent you in the same way you would represent yourself.


Better  |  Faster  |  Lower Cost

BlueEmber's services have been carefully designed to be better in quality, faster to launch, and lower in cost than could be accomplished with in-house solution. Leveraging decades of experience, a wide array of best practices, and historical data - we can become your marketing partner and someone on whom you can rely on for years to come. We utilize a team-based approach, one that breaks the email marketing process down into smaller mini-processes, allowing for deeper expertise in each step of the process for higher quality and easier scalability.


BlueEmber understands the unique challenges sales and marketing professionals face today.

Our clients realize - or quickly come to realize - that it’s a much better use of their time and resources to focus on new business presentations, proposal development, proposal follow-up, closing sales, and managing their clients than spending time identifying contacts, reaching out, following up, etc. to generate new sales leads. 


Seamless Support

BlueEmber Marketing conducts our email marketing process using a client-supplied email address, allowing us to present ourselves as a fully-embedded member of your team while we approach your prospects. When leads are generated, we send out calendar meeting invites to you and your new prospect, locking in the date and time of the sales or capabilities presentation. 


Visibility and  Communication

From campaign launch to ongoing campaign main- tenance, you’ll always work with senior leaders who have decades of experience to help guide the email marketing strategy. In addition to live update meetings, you’ll also be provided with regular campaign reports to keep you fully updated on all relevant information.


Email Writing Proficiency

We have over a decade of experience developing polite, professional, informative email communications for our clients. While we always start with your core business benefits and differentiators, we develop a narrative around your offerings that's designed to cut through the clutter, separate you from your competition, and drive action from your prospects.


Work Guarantee

We stand behind our work and guarantee that we meet all of the commitments we made to our clients during the campaign development stage. We are serious business professionals who are active in our communities and highly value the commitments we make to our clients and our staff.

Consistent Marketing = Consistent Results

BlueEmber brings consistency to often inconsistent activities.  We give you peace of mind that your email marketing efforts are being handled professionally...and consistently.


For more detailed information about how BlueEmber Marketing can help significantly increase your new business sales results, call us at 585-312-3088, or contact us through our website’s secure contact page.

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